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FREW Consultants Group        


The Educational Group provides expertise in the following areas:

  1. The origins of dysfunctional behaviour based on contemporary neuro-scientific evidence
  2. Descriptions of abuse and the resulting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  3. Manifestations of inappropriate behaviour related to stress
  4. Development of programs to address severe behaviours for individuals and groups
  5. Development of boundaries for both children and their carers/teachers

These can be delivered through:

  1. Professional development and training
  2. Conference presentations
  3. Consultancy advice on setting up programs or the evaluation of existing programs


A sample of feedback from past in-service programs and conferences


Gave good insight into student behaviour

Focused, fabulous and student centered  

A great style, humour, realism, caring and a relaxed approach

Your insightful remarks, your depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience were of great value to those who had the opportunity to listen and talk with you

Your visit reinvigorated some people who were feeling disempowered and losing confidence in their ability and will to work with these kids

An excellent presenter who knows what he is talking about

Excellent value - the first realistic speaker I have heard

Professional Development of Trauma Informed Interventions in Schools and Centres


John R Frew
Marcia J Vallance

ABN 64 372 518 772


The principals of the company have had long careers in education with a combined total of eighty-one years service.  After starting as mainstream teachers they both moved into careers in providing support for students with severe behaviours.

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